Sunday, March 25, 2012

Baby Steps

I wrote out a list of my bills and I'm evaluating each one to see if there is a way to reduce them:

APS (electric) - average $80
Southwest Gas - average $80
State Farm Insurance - $151.00
Direct TV - $125.00
T-mobile - $76.00
Century Link - have not received first bill yet
Netflix - was $21.84 reduced to $7.99 DONE - $34.99
Arizona Republic - $4.64
Car Payment - $374.00
Rent - $561.00
*Verizon wireless - $82.07
Spotify - $10.00 - CXLD
Hulu Plus - $7.99 - CXLD - $4.95 - CXLD
Experian - $17.95 - CXLD

Today I tackled my Netflix account. I'm the person who takes out books from the library and never returns them. I know - a serious character flaw. With Netflix I would get my two movies and hang on to them - for like a year. Such a complete waste of money. We do frequently use the streaming feature though. I dug out the movies I've had, forever, and returned them. Then I downgraded my subscription to streaming only. That's a savings of $144 a year.

Some other easy cuts - I'm going to cancel the last 4 items on the list for a savings of $43 per month - that's a savings of $516 per year. So far today I've saved myself $660. I'd like to see if I can get it to $1000 savings per year. Stay tuned...

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