Saturday, March 24, 2012

Grocery Shopping Report Card : C

So everyone makes mistakes are a few blunders I made shopping today:

1. I went off the list. I picked up frozen waffles, a cake mix and frosting and cupcake liners, flavored carbonated water, and a loaf of bread. Those extras ring it at about $10 including tax. Had I not gone off the list my total would have been about $50.00.

2. I wasn't coupon prepared. I clipped some this afternoon but often the store brand or another brand of that item was cheaper than the one I had a coupon for...even once you deduct the price of the coupon. Not good. I ended up using only 2 of the 12 or so coupons I went shopping with.

3. I forgot to buy the toiletry and beauty items I need. I'm hoping to score good coupons from the Sunday paper tomorrow for things like toilet paper, hair dye, and tooth paste.

Overall I give myself a C. I kept my cost under $100 but I wasn't buying any meat. I also avoided many impulse buys - it's hard to fault myself for a loaf of wheat bread or whole grain waffles to use that bottle of syrup on that I found this morning. I could have skipped the flavored water - it's not that good for me considering it has aspartame.

Good news...I scored a $5 off coupon for some frozen food items and a 20% off coupon for Payless that doesn't expire for another 2 weeks. I do need some shoes so I think that's a great score. I also found a certificate for a free oil change at a local garage in some junk mail I finally went through.

Here's hoping my next shopping trip goes better!

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