Monday, April 23, 2012

Building A Professional Work Wardrobe

One of my goals is to build an attractive, professional wardrobe…for not a lot of money. My role at work is slowly changing to one where jeans are no longer appropriate attire for every day. In fact this morning I attended an awards breakfast at a very nice resort and the president of a local sports team was in attendance as well as the vice president of my own company. It’s definitely time to step up my game in the clothing department.
 I understand that to some, spending money on clothes when you don’t have an emergency fund in place seems like a bad idea but for me this is an investment in my future. I’m also trying to build a career and image is important. I’m currently in a temporary position and I am in the process of applying and interviewing so I feel this is of utmost importance. My mantra is – “I cannot control how I am perceived, I can only control how I am presented.”
The person I consider an expert in this area is Tim Gunn. If you’re not familiar with him he was on Project Runway, has written a book, had a style guide column in Marie Claire magazine, and has a new show on ABC called The Revolution. He has impeccable taste and a more classic sensibility – and I totally love him. The following is his list of wardrobe essentials. I’m going to start shopping for good deals on these items, and some I already have. I plan to get them as cheaply as possible and one at a time over the next few months.
1.       Basic Black Dress – have something that may work if able to be tailored
2.       Day Dress           
3.       Classic White Shirt
4.       Classic Blazer
5.       Dress Pants – have one good pair of black dress pants
6.       Trench Coat – have but needs to be tailored
7.       Good Pair of Jeans
8.       Skirt
9.       Cashmere Sweater
10.   Sweat suit Alternative
I’m also adding to the list 2 pair of pumps and one pair of flats – my work shoes are not in good shape. I also need some inexpensive accessories.
How does your wardrobe factor in to your budget? Is it something you spend money on or do you feel it’s not important?

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