Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Round Up

As I write this I'm sitting in my bed, under the covers. A cold front moved in and it's actually pretty chilly this morning. I opted to blog from the warmth of my bed rather than turn on the space heater - my warm bed is free. I'm enjoying every minute of this weather because within a week we'll be heading into what Arizonans refer to as hell and the rest of the country calls summer. Summer here lasts about 5 months with temperatures ranging from 90 - 115+. It sucks...and one day I vow I will live somewhere with seasons.

I thought I'd recap what's been going on with me this week and also talk a little bit about what's in store.

In regard to my goals - epic fail. I have six days until I get paid and $150 to my name. I have a bill that needs to be paid out of that and a birthday dinner to attend tonight. Plus I'll need gas for next week and few grocery items. The money I set aside for my emergency fund is being used to cover expenses. I'm determined to do better next week. I haven't updated the amount saved on my blog because I don't know yet what it will be. If I manage to save $5 it will be a miracle. I'll let you know.

Some ideas I've been kicking around -

Should food be the thing we try to cut costs on? Should we be spending more and eating less in order to be certain that the food we consume is good for us?

Is it cheaper to make something yourself rather than buy the processed/packaged item at the grocery store? An example of this would be pasta sauce or salad dressing.

Do I need to go to a cash system until I get my finances under control? Maybe.

Side hustles - should I have one and if so what should it be?

Triumphs - I ate breakfast at home 4 out of the last 6 days. This saved me about $20. I only took my lunch twice (boo) but that's a savings too of about $16. I've given up soda - yay!!!

What are your successes this past week? I'd love to hear about them.

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