Sunday, April 22, 2012

Falling in Love With Free Stuff

I never used to care about freebies. Certainly if something fell in my lap, I would take it, but it wasn't something I worked for. When I decided to start paying attention to my money (and why I didn't have any) the idea of getting something for nothing became appealing. Here are a few ways I'm getting stuff for free:

1. Unwanted Items - A friend of mine went through a divorce some time ago and is finally going through her storage unit and purging things she no longer wants or needs. One of those items was an armoire that can be used to hold a t.v. It's painted a nice sage green and fits with my "shabby" chic decor. I went with her to pick up and bought her dinner after as a thank you but otherwise the item became mine at no cost to me. If you don't know of items your friends are getting rid of, check craigslist. Often people will post that they have items for free if you're willing to go pick it up!

2. Birthday clubs - Just before my birthday I went online and signed up for birthday freebies. Yesterday I received two postcards from Dunkin' Donuts for free medium drinks. My birthday has passed but apparently the rewards just keep on coming!

3. SwagBucks and Recycle Bank - I'm new to the two of these. I'm slowly building my points. My plan is to use them for gift cards to Old Navy or other retailers to help build my work wardrobe!

4. Pharmacy Rewards - Switching your prescriptions to a different pharmacy can get you free money. I switched from Walgreens to Fry's grocery and received $50 to spend at Fry's. Right now Walgreens and Safeway grocery both have similar deals - $25 for every prescription you transfer. I plan to do that soon. Check pharmacy websites and grocery store fliers for opportunities in your area.

5. Bank deals - There are several banks that offer free money for opening an account. Usually you have to do certain things, make a few debit card purchases or set up direct deposit. I scored $150 from Ing for doing this. If you do a google search for bank deals you can usually find a blogger who lists the current deals.

So how do you get freebies? Any tips or tricks for scoring free stuff?

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